Chance to Play

Giving children the chance to give others the chance to play!

Chance to Play’ is a initiative which incorporates active learning and sports with fundraising opportunities in order to allow more children in the UK and East Africa to benefit from the positive impact of play. ‘Chance to Play’ has tailor made fundraising activities which allows children to experience the benefits of play while in a learning environment.

Benefits for your school or group

‘A chance to play’ gives children in the UK an exciting chance to learn curriculum based subjects through the use of a fun learning environment. Not only that but by participating in ‘A chance to play’ your students and your school will be helping to provide play opportunities to children in Uganda while also providing a social responsible connection from your school to the wider world. The curriculum areas ‘A chance to play’ incorporates include art, geography, sports, leadership, social responsibility and enhancing social skills.

Benefits for your children

‘A chance to play’ gives children the opportunity to put down the technology they are all so familiar with, and to do what children have done for 100’s of years and use their imagination to play. Our tailor made activities will encourage children to develop their communication skills, motor skills and get them up and active. We all want a world where children can be healthy, energetic and most importantly allowed to be children in an environment which promotes well being. By taking part in a ‘A chance to play’ we can start them on the right path.

Benefits to the children of East Africa

By using ‘A chance to play’ as a stepping stone to actively engage your students it will also provide invaluable resources to children in East Africa. The money your school has raised will go directly into East Africa to provide safe, fun and exciting playgrounds, which we here in the UK take for granted. Allowing children to have the same opportunities as all our children here in the UK.