Definition – An awesome excuse to do something wacky and fun with the excuse of ‘it’s for a good cause’. 

Thank you for supporting East African Playgrounds.

What is more rewarding than doing something fun to raise money for a charity close to your heart.
Thank you for supporting East African Playgrounds, we make sure that we spend every penny of the money raised is carefully spent and that we keep you informed of where you donation has gone. This page is teaming full of ideas and resources that can turn your fundraising event into an incredible occasion.
Make sure you register your fundraising with us by emailing [email protected] so we can recognise your efforts and support you along the way.

Why fundraise for East African Playgrounds?

Do you believe in the power of play?

Do you believe in providing children with more than just the basics?

Do you believe in empowering communities through employment?

Well, so do we! By fundraising for East African Playgrounds, you are supporting a grassroots network of development. We provide a high quality service that has a sustainable impact, meaning the money you raise has a long-term, and widespread, impact. The impact of our programs is huge: from improving education opportunities in local communities to increased enrolment at the schools we work with, from improved life skills (from emotional skills to cognitive and physical skills) to the increased employability skills learnt through our apprenticeship scheme. If you would like to find out more about our impact, then please check our Impact report and/or our Impact video below. 

Fundraising for East African Playground means contributing to a more playful and prosperous world.

Suzie Rees

[email protected]
Office: 0116 3195760
Mobile: 07803566184

Feature fundraiser – Colour run

Join the happiest 5k on the planet and enable more children to be happy!

Fundraising resources

To make sure you are bursting full of ideas and plans for your fundraising we have provided you with every resource you could possibly need. Have a read through all the documents below to make your fundraising is a breeze. Happy fundraising!


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