Our Team

The people that make up EAP have the shared vision, to provide every child in East Africa with an awesome playground, and the desire and drive to make this a reality.

Trustee board

Our UK board of trustees is comprised of exceptional individuals, whose governance keeps our charity growing and making the best impact we can. We have a wide range of experience, knowledge and skills in our trustee board from; chartered accountant, engineer and inventor, PR and marketing guru, director of UK’s largest science party company and experience in development and research.

We are always on the look out to add new talent to our board so if you are interested please get in touch.

Founding directors

Carla and Tom Gill were the two students who had the vision to start EAP. Since 2009 they have developed EAP from building one playground a year into what it is today. They are based between the UK and Uganda and are working towards opening new playground building workshops across East Africa in the coming years.

UK team

We have a fantastic UK team who look after our volunteering projects, helping to raise the funds needed for EAP to run and grow. Andy King and Rachel Finch work on our international volunteering projects whilst Suzie Reeds works on gaining trusts and foundations.

Uganda management team

David Spencer heads up the Ugandan team with Siraj Wovatoyombye as his assistant. They are in charge of our workshops, our building teams and the quality of each playground that we build in Uganda. Siraji and Godfrey have been with EAP since 2010 and started as apprentices.

Building team

We have a fantastic building team made up of fully trained and apprentice playground builders. They are responsible for the installation of all of our steel work and quality control – they’ve even created some of our most popular designs. From day one they are trained on the importance of play and are some of our biggest advocates.

Welding team

Our welding team prefabricate all of our playgrounds from scratch in our workshop in Jinja. They are responsible for all of our steel work, quality control and some of our most popular designs have been created by our welding team. 

Arts and play team

Made up of graduates and trained Ugandan teachers, our arts and play team are responsible for running our arts and play program at some of the schools we work in. They are also a vital part of our play consultation to ensure our playgrounds are suited to the communities we build them in. They have really made this project their own and are some of the most creative people working with children in Uganda.

Support team

We have an amazing support team made up of drivers, cooks and administrators. They are the people behind the scenes that make sure everything in Uganda runs smoothly.