Our Playgrounds

To provide safe, fun and creative playgrounds built by locally trained builders across East Africa for every child to enjoy

Benefit of play

The UN’s Children’s right to play is a huge overlooked, but a vital, part of early childhood development and education. It has been shown that without access to play facilities, children are unable to fully develop. Play is vital in developing a child’s fine motor, social, cognitive, problem solving and a range of other skills. It has also been proven that play alleviates stress, improves concentration and helps children live through difficulties.

Our Playgrounds

We are the only organisation in East Africa that specialises in building playgrounds at the high quality and capacity that we achieve. By using our holistic approach, it allows our impact to be wide reaching. Before we opened our first workshop in Uganda it was only possible to buy low quality, unsafe playgrounds which broke and became dangerous within months of buying them. By following international playground safety and building standards we are able to achieve the high quality we are renowned for. Since we established in 2009 we have developed over 150 items of playground equipment to suit the diverse nature of play. We train our own teams of playground builders, use only the best local materials, have the ability to custom design the playgrounds to a group of children and maintain the playgrounds which we build, giving us the great track record we hold.

Playgrounds EAP have built

Below are all the playgrounds that we have build over the years, you can see how our designs have developed. Please note that we do not update this page after every playground build, so if you cannot see yours then just hold tight, we will upload it soon.


Our playgrounds are built by our fantastic team who continue to work hard for the children of Uganda.


Our repertoire of playground pieces grew to include more fantastic inclusive pieces which we enjoyed building this year.


In 2013 we established our community consultations, making our playgrounds truly community centered.


 This year we began our first playground building workshop, where the playgrounds are constructed.


In 2011 EAP built their first playground with just their Ugandan team.


All the playgrounds build this year were funded by the Leeds University Union RAG society students.


Our first playground built with the help and patience of our wonderful first volunteering team!