With the impact of play in child development becoming more understood in the last ten years, there has been an explosion of books and research projects.

Play based research

There are not many books written on child’s play in East Africa, however there are many books more generally about play. Here are our favourite books that have inspired us the most.

Play: How it shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul
By Stuart Brown

This is a really engaging book on play, taking you through a journey of why we play and how we play. This book does not only focus on child’s play it also explores adults play as well as providing useful case studies. 

No Fear: Growing up in a risk adverse society
By Tim Gill

Although not all about play this book is a really interesting read as it gives you an different view on how risk is affecting children and their childhoods. Although based around ‘western’ childhoods you can relate it well to children in East Africa.

The Child’s Right to Play: A Global Approach
By Rhonda Clements

This is a very comprehensive book about play throughout the world. The book looks at every aspect of play from the role play has for children suffering from trauma to the problems of trying to pigeon hole and label play.

The Developmental Benefits Of Playgrounds
By Joe L. Frost

This book gives a great overview of the benefits of playgrounds, from the conventional playgrounds that we all imagine to the  natural play spaces children create. It gives a fantastic  insight to the benefits that are present within a playground that you might not have even considered.

Setting up and running a charity

Many people ask us how we set up the charity and how it all came about. After having the basic drive and passion to make a difference we have always priorities research not only on the ground but in our reading too. Here are some books that have helped us along our way.

Leaving Microsoft to change the world
By John Wood

This is the inspirational story of John Wood and how he left his high flying, crazy paid job as an executive at Microsoft to start the charity ‘Room to Read’. It has loads of advice on what to do and how to avoid the pitfalls charities often fall into.

Grow your own charity
By David Marfleet

Possibly the most comprehensive book about starting a charity ever written. This is a must if your thinking of starting out. It goes through everything from registering to finding funds and planning.

Run a successful charity
By Nick Marr

Similar to ‘Grow your own charity’ but going into more detail for charities who are set up and the next stages. Excellent chapters on storm-proofing your charity, partnerships and mergers and making changes.

The 4-hour work week
By Timothy Ferriss

The title might make this book an odd one to put on our list. However the tips and tools in the book for maximising your own personal productivity have quite simply revolutionized how we work and have been a big part in the growth of EAP.