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Whether you are looking for a school trip for educational purposes, to enrich your students or to impact another community, we can tailor-made a project to suit your needs. We have run a number of trips designed specifically for the schools aim.

Calder High secondary schools purpose of the trip was enrichment and impact. Therefore during their two week trip they stayed at a local school and helped us refurbish a playground from start to finish in the morning and then helped run developmental arts and play sessions for the children in the afternoon. After a week’s volunteering they headed off on Safari for a relaxing weekend, to then return to the school for a day of celebration of the playground, the work they had a achieved and the friends they had made.

The Priory CofE school wanted a trip that allowed their students to experience the vast differences between Ugandan and British culture. They started their two week trip by living locally at a village school helping to paint the playground we had built as well as run the arts and play sessions. They then moved on to exploring Kampala, the capital city, visiting their partner school and going on Safari. All in just 10 days.

We provide high levels of support both before and during the project, we work together to make the trip your own and we will always ensure the end result has a high impact for everyone involved.

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