Support us

It is people like you who have enabled East African Playgrounds to be as successful as we have been, so thank you for supporting our continual growth!

We organise some awesome events, but we equally love it when our supporters come up with their own wacky fundraising ideas! We have had an awesome array of fundraisers doing some great things. From 365 handstands (one for each day of the year), sponsored weird beard shave, pancake parties and half marathons. Join our crazy bunch of supporters and make a difference to children in East Africa.

So the big question is … where do you start?! Have a look at the below links to get inspired! Below are the UK event links, with schools, groups and business at the side.


Mega Raid

Twice a year we organise huge street collections in Manchester and London where our supporters come from all over the country to help raise money and spread awareness of East African Playgrounds.

Colour Run

The happiest 5k on the planet … yes please! Who could not resist taking on the funniest 5k with their mates. Hop, skip, walk, jump through blooms of colour every 1k ending with a colour festival at the end.

Chance to Play

Get your school or club involved in ‘A chance to play’ our fundraising program that aims to reignite the ability to get every child up and active. Get involved and have a day of play to enable children in East Africa to play too!

Get Inspired

Get inspired by past fundraisers below and take a sneaky peek at our fundraising guide to help you choose the best idea for you.

Get Promoting

Tell everyone! Set up a online fundraising page, get a press release in your local paper, put posters up and shout to the world about what you are doing!

Enjoy Fundraising

Whether you are running a marathon, organizing a tea party or doing a pub quiz. The better prepared you are the more you will enjoy your event. 

Returning money

Returning the money you have raised could not be simpler. Just download the form below and pop a cheque and the form in the post to us.