Uganda Gorilla Trek

Hike and canoe through foothills lakes in traditional dugout canoes.

Trek to find the last remaining silverback mountain gorillas.

Live in a community, helping children develop their skills through play.

Explore – Trek

Take on the challenge of trekking and canoeing through the foothills of volcanoes and the lakes of Western Uganda. Experience the landscape, culture and wildlife of the country as you pass through a variety of different terrains, altitudes and beauties, staying on small islands at the heart of local communities along the way.

Discover – Gorilla

Spend an unforgettable day finding the last remaining silverback gorillas, feeling like a true explorer as you cut your way through the underbrush to find the gentle giants, before spending a breathtaking hour in their company, watching, observing, and walking alongside them.

Develop – Volunteer

Transform an empty field into a safe and exciting playground for generations to enjoy, whilst running creative play sessions with the children: teaching them to make the most of their imagination in education and employment. Immerse yourself in a community, learn some local language, and make a huge impact with a small charity that will last for years and years to come.

Please note: We have two information packs you can download. The information is the same, except for alternate itineraries; volunteering first then trek and gorillas or trek and gorillas first then volunteer.

Uganda Gorilla Trek Coordinator

Andy King
[email protected]
+44 7982670609
+256 792385306