The simple aim of our volunteer projects is to develop more Ugandan communities through play, whilst also providing quality, sustainable and enriching volunteer experiences.

Our Volunteering Projects

When we started EAP in 2009 the economic crash had already made a huge impact on the funds available to charities. We made the decision to develop a different model for fundraising that would not only enable EAP to generate the funds required to build playgrounds, but would also enable us to develop a project that would have a profound impact on the skills, experience and personal development of hundreds of University students each year. Carefully, and with a lot of research, we set up the volunteer playground project taking our first ever team of UK students out to Uganda to help us build our first playground. Since then our volunteering project has developed and we now have over 250 volunteers join our teams in Uganda on two separate types of projects to help us build over 14 playgrounds each summer.

Our Volunteering Values

With hundreds of companies offering volunteering opportunities that are both expensive and have a negative impact on the people and communities they are supposed to support, volunteer abroad has got a controversial name. But we believe that done well, the impact in endless. Our projects have been able to develop and grow due to the clear values and ethics that we follow.

Sustainable Volunteering

With our volunteers helping to build a high quality playground their impact is long term and allows us to employ more local staff.

Low Cost

Volunteering doesn’t have to be expensive. All of our costs are open and transparent so people know where their money is going.

No Third Party Companies

We no longer work with any gap year and challenge companies as they inflate costs to maximize their own profits.

High Impact

Our volunteers have a positive impact on the communities they are working with. We provide training to make sure that all our volunteers are fully prepared.

Highly Ethical

We run all of our projects with our high ethical standards and make sure that volunteers are adding value to every project and are not simply there for the sake of it.

Community Empowerment

By working with the community for several months before the projects, through our consultation process, we are able to empower them to make decisions suited to their community.

Safety and Experience

Our projects follow the British Standards 8848 on international expeditions and volunteering. We take safety and the quality of our projects very seriously. It is through our support system we are able to do this.


We give each volunteer a huge amount of support in both the UK and Uganda. With UK training sessions and on call support for any questions or help that is needed. In Uganda we have a great support team made up of our UK coordinators, directors and our amazing Ugandan team. From the minute our volunteers join our project to the end we support them at every stage.