Your Business

The power of your business combined with our passion can create an awesome impact whilst having a great time too.

Getting your business involved

We have many fantastic businesses who support us from simple donations to group fundraising events to offering their time in kind, their generosity is huge. If you are looking for a charity to get involved with then we have tonnes of opportunities ready for you. Take on a fun run with your office team, a trip to Uganda or even sponsor a whole playground. We are hugely grateful for the partnerships we have and if you would like to join us then below are a few ways in which you can get involved!

How we can help you

We make sure that everyone of our supporters is appreciated, and what better way to do that than promote the very business they donated from. We have many ways of promoting generous business’s which are personalized to each organisation giving them the biggest impact.

Fundraising ideas

Colour Run

Get your office team involved in the ‘Happiest 5k on the planet’! Boost team moral and support children in East Africa. Hop, skip, walk, jump through blooms of colour every 1k ending with a colour festival at the end. How could you resist?!

Sponsor a Playground

We have a huge waiting list of centers who are in need of a playground, your company could be the answer. Become a philanthropist and sponsor a playground in East Africa, a great asset to help promote your company.

Get inspired!

If you don’t like following the norm, then no worries! We have had business’s do a host of things in aid of East African Playgrounds all in the name of fun. From gunge your boss to netball tournaments to sponsored handstands! The opportunities are endless and the more creative your students get the better.

Partner Business