Your School or Group

The power of your school or group combined with our passion can create an awesome impact whilst having a great time too.

Getting involved

We have built wonderful partnerships with UK schools and groups. Through our support they have been able to enrich the lives of their students by seeing a world wider than their own community. Whether this has been from taking the students on a trip to experiencing the wonders of Uganda or by taking on our ‘A chance to play’ school day. The possibilities are endless along with the benefits for all.

How we can help you

We love supporting schools to help their students explore the wider world. We have a number of resources that we are able to share and will be happy to come and talk at your school after a significant fundraising event has taken place to say a big thank you!

We are hugely grateful for the partnership we have and if you would like to join us then below are a few ways in which you can get involved!

Fundraising ideas

Chance to Play

We believe that every child deserves the chance to play, what better way to get your children to connect with children across the world than to get them involved in Play activities. Our ‘chance to play’ school days provide ideas to enable the children to learn about children in East Africa through create and fun activities.

Volunteer Project

What better way for your students to learn about other cultures and the geography of the world than to visit the country itself. We provide tailor-made engaging volunteering trips to Uganda allowing the students to get their hands dirty by building a playground whilst living within a community and exploring the wonders of going on Safari.

Get inspired!

If you don’t like following the norm, then no worries! We have had school do a host of things in aid of East African Playgrounds all in the name of fun. From gunge your own teacher to netball tournaments to sponsored handstands! The opportunities are endless and the more creative your students get the better.

Partner Schools

The Priory school
Calder High