Your University

East African Playgrounds was started by students for students to help make a huge impact in Uganda, help us continue the cycle!

Getting your University involved

East African Playgrounds success has been built by young people for young people. Having established the charity through Leeds RAG, EAP has an in depth understanding of the variety of ways that universities work and the diverse needs they expect from their charity partners. We provide high impact, high quality, ethical and low cost opportunities for students across the UK.

From volunteering abroad to taking on one of our UK fundraising events, we are excited to have you on board.

How we can help you

We might be small but we are certainly mighty and is exactly the support we will provide you.

Small – You will pretty much know everyone in our team by the end of your fundraising event. We pride ourselves on knowing every single one of our supporters meaning they really get to know the work we do and are personally thanked every step of the way. No-one will ever be lost within EAP.

Mighty – We know how to run the BEST PROJECTS EVER and we thoroughly enjoy doing so! We will provide all the resources for your event, the most comprehensive policies, the best systems and great group fundraising opportunities.

The impact you have when working with us is huge.


How you could get involved

Volunteer Project

Help transform an empty playing field into a fantastic, exciting new playground whilst living within the community and helping to run creative afternoon sessions. Spend the weekends exploring more of Uganda.

Gorilla Project

Take on our three part challenge; trek and canoe across Western Uganda, become an explorer to find the last remaining silver back Mountain Gorillas and finally transform a empty playing feild into a fantastic playground!

Mega Raid

Twice a year we organise huge street collections in Manchester and London where supporters of our come from all over the country to help raise money and spread awareness of East African Playgrounds. It is a fantastic event bringing all of our supporters together.

Colour run

Happiest 5k on the planet … yes please! Who could not resist taking on the funnest 5k at the end of the year with their new uni friends?! Hop, skip, walk, jump through blooms of colour every 1k ending with a colour festival at the end.

Partner Universities

York St John
University of York
Warwick RAG
University of West England
University of East Anglia
Teeside University
Sussex RAG
Southampton RAG
Royal Holloway RAG
Robert Gordon University RAG
Plymouth RAG
Nottingham Trent University
University of Northampton
Manchester RAG
Loughborough RAG
Leeds RAG
Leeds Metropolitan University
Leeds College of Art
Kings College London RAG
Kent RAG
University of Hertfordshire Students Union
Durham University Charities Kommittee
Christ Church Students’ Union
Cambridge RAG
Bristol RAG
Bournemouth RAG
University of Aberystwyth